1. Easter hike at Bald Knob out by Smith Mountain Lake #happyeaster (at Bald Knob)

  2. Hiking with my lady @morgm91 #happyeaster #instachicks #churchjokes (at Bald Knob)

  3. Easter hike with my lady @morgm91 #instachicks #churchjokes (at Bald Knob)

  4. #feet

  5. Treat yoself

  6. Out for a quick solo adventure (at Heritage Park)

  7. I love the way wild spring onions smell

  8. I’m not sure where I’d be if I’d never met @agneswt (at The Sex Cave)

  9. My loves #seniorcitizens @agneswt @morgm91

  10. Save me from this marathon #studio session #sovaslave (at Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech)

  11. Alpha chi takes myrtle! #pikappformal (at Myrtle Beach Boardwalk)

  12. Taco plays hide and seek #tacothehamster (at The Sex Cave)

  13. Reasons living with #erikitty is heavenly #challah #carbsplease (at The Sex Cave)

  14. HAPPY 20th birthday to literally (no hyperbole) the best little brother a girl could ask for!! Drewb you make my life brighter and more inspired. I love you and still strive to be like you. Here’s to your next 20 years!! Lord only knows the wonders that lay ahead for you!! I love you baby brother; Happy Birthday!!

  15. So far #22 is pretty good !! Thank you to my kitties for all the festive decorations! @mwoods22 @agneswt #erikitty (at The Sex Cave)